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Do you look up and wonder how far the sky is?
Spread your wings and takeoff to a whole new world.

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We are so excited that you are finally here! I hope you are ready to start learning with us as we take you on a adventure through the technology of drones. We will teach you to build, fly and so much more, all filled with fun hands-on experiences. This is an opportunity for you start innovating. The future awaits for you to step into our world.



Your essential first step into the world of drones. Start by learning about them, their components, origin, how they work and so on.


Bring out the grease monkey in you to design and construct your very own drone. Imagination is key to your innovation. How are you going to build it?


Rule the skies by honing your skills through VR simulators, drones and more. Explore the infinite skies and the capabilities of different drones with their unique modes and functions.



Become the next coding geek by making your drones do all your work. Code
your drone to perform autonomously while you relax.



You only learn when you try to find out for yourself. Here is where you get to learn by experimenting with different aspects till you find your answer.


A drone will not fly till you teach each component what to do and when. You have to tune the drone exactly how you feel. It has to be just right.

of Campers


For Classes 5-8


Start out from the first step before going ahead. We teach Basic concepts relating to curriculum topics and gradually introducing more of the technology.


For Classes 9-12


Look around and let your curiosity lead you to explore more and more. We will deal with eperimental learning and dive deeper into practical concepts.


12 and above


This is where it gets really interesting! You will start innovating and stretching your mind to think creative. The more questions you ask, the more you will find out!



Start with the basics and work your way into the different modules. Each session is perfectly balanced with learning and practical hands-on time. 

  • Build a drone
  • Fly a drone
  • Experience VR & Simulation
  • Code a drone
  • Team based activities
  • Experiments
  • Fun with learning
Copy of DSC_3371


What if I can’t come to the workshop? Then we come to you. Learn by staying right at home. You can attend the webinar and straight away appear at one of our practical sessions. 

  • Interactive
  • Visualizations
  • Ease of Access
  • Cost effective
  • One to one training
  • Live Demonstrations


We learn more by teaching. It doesn’t end at just learning the technology of drones. You can teach young minds as a certified trainer.


The science of drones is still in its infancy. The vast possibilities need to be explored and innovated. Is becoming a researcher your calling?

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