Hear me and rejoice! The universe has presented itself with an experience beyond anything ever imagined. A drone experience paving the way for you to rule in a future of drones. Embark on an journey with us to the frontlines of a digital revolution.


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All our amazing adventures are here!


Our community of flycampers seek you to be part of our adventures. Begin learning the science of drones and their technology.


We learn more by teaching. It doesn’t end at just learning the technology of drones. You can teach young minds as a certified trainer.


The science of drones is still in its infancy. The vast possibilities need to be explored and innovated. Is becoming a researcher your calling?

Why choose US?

proactive and dynamic trainers

Each trainer possess an unique arsenal of knowledge, practical expertise and exquisite skills.

holistic hands on interaction

Theory gets you only a quarter of the way. Practical skills and experience on the other hand takes you all the way to the top.


cornerstone of technology

21st century witnesses the birth of drones and groundbreaking growth. We have to keep pace to survive.

Exquisite experience

Few have been grateful to witness a drone. But you have a chance to go further than anyone ever before! Experience a marvel in the making.

Our Memories

Who we are and what we do

Ignited with a passion for drone technologies, we as drone researchers, pilots and educationists aim to spread our knowledge to young minds building their first steps into this evolving technology.  We want to inspire them to go beyond a classroom and conventional subjects.
Join us on our inquisitive adventure exploring, learning and spreading our wings.




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